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Homebrew and Winemaking Supplies delivered to your door. 
Leyland Home Brew are specialist suppliers of homebrew beer & wine making kits, ingredients and equipment. We have been trading for over 40 years and were Paines Homebrew Retailer of the year in 1996/7.


WINE & BEER KITS. Suppliers of major brand beer & wine kits from the major manufacturers including Wine Expert, Beaverdale, Selection, Vintners Reserve, Island Mist, Primo Vino, Pasto Vino, Cellar 7, Australian Blend, Muntons Cedars Gold, Solomon Grundy, Vineco, California Connoisseur, Niagra Mist, Carafe 21, Vigneron, Butler, Chateau, Party, Brewmaker, Hambleton Bard, Magnum, Magnum Ultimate, Alcotec, Coopers, Morgans, Black Rock, Brewferm Belgian, Brupaks, Edme, Harvest, ,Tom Caxton, John Bull, Muntons, Woodfords, York Brewery,Tooheys,, , St Peters Brewery, Milestone Brewery and Geordie.
LIMITED EDITION WINES. Check for availability on Selection and Heron Bay Limited Edition kits.
CIDER KITS. We sell Brewmaker De-Lux , Magnum. Finlandia, Black Rock, On the Rocks and John Bull Country ciders kits.
CRAFT BREWING INGREDIENTS. We supply a full range of malt extracts, malted grains, adjuncts and hops. All of these are supplied to us fresh from the maltsters and hop brokers.We stock all the popular dried yeasts including DCL Safale, Muntons Gold, Danstar Nottingham & Windsor, Gervin English, Mauribrew and Brupaks. Wyeast and Brewlab yeast cultures are also available.
CRAFT BREWING EQUIPMENT. Malt Mills, Boilers, Mash Tuns, Propane Burners, Wort Chillers, Sparge Arms etc. Both plastic or stainless steel mash tuns and boilers are available.
COUNTRY WINE SUPPLIES. Dried fruits & flowers, yeast, nutrients, enzymes, concentrated grape juice, flavourings, wine & fruit presses and  a range of books are all available from us.
BEER & WINEMAKING EQUIPMENT. Visit us and find a vast range of brewing bins, fermenters, demijohns & carboys, wine presses, filter kits, siphoning equipment, wine racks, wine bottles, labels, corkers, corks, closures, cappers, crown caps, beer bottles including flip top etc.
BEER DISPENSING. Pressure Barrels, Basic Beer Barrels, King Kegs, Beerspheres, Rotokeg, Brewmaster,  Stainless Steel Cornelius Kegs, Mini Keg system, Tap-a-Draft, Gas Cylinders, Widget Systems and Remote Bar Taps.
EXTREME ALCOHOL. We have an extensive range of Turbo Yeasts, Vodka kits, Carbons and the world famous Prestige Liqueur and Spirit Essences.
WATER PURICATION. Smartstill / Easystill water distillaton unit.
BEGINNERS BEER & WINE KITS. We supply a variety of these complete
packages including the Muntons Micro Brewery. Ibrew and Coopers Micro Brewery. Makes an ideal present for birthdays or Christmas!
NEWS. Ibrew beginners system now in stock. Features Tap-a-Draft dispensing.
         Magnum Strawberry Cider now available.
         Niagra Mist Blackberry Malbec in stock now.
         On the Rocks Cider kits
         Muntons Cedars Gold Wine Kits now available

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Leyland Home Brew, 15 Chapel Brow, Leyland, Lancs. PR25 3NH                           
TEL. 01772 431030